Arthur G. Altschul, Jr.
Managing Member
Diaz & Altschul Capital Management, LLC

Arthur G. Altschul, Jr. has been a director since December 1992. He has worked in money management, investment banking and as a member of senior management of a publicly-traded health care concern. Mr. Altschul is a founder and Managing Member of Diaz & Altschul Capital Management, LLC, a private investment advisory firm. Prior to 1992, Mr. Altschul worked in the Equity and Fixed-Income Trading Departments at Goldman, Sachs & Co., was a founding limited partner of The Maximus Fund, LP, and worked in the Equity Research Department at Morgan Stanley & Company. From 1992 to 1996, Mr. Altschul worked at SUGEN, Inc., most recently as Senior Director of Corporate Affairs. Mr. Altschul serves on the Board of Directors of General American Investors, Inc., a New York Stock Exchange-traded closed-end investment company; Delta Opportunity Fund, Ltd., an offshore investment fund which invests primarily in the healthcare industry; Medrium, Inc., a provider of automated medical billing solutions; and other private ventures. He also serves as a Trustee for the Neurosciences Research Foundation, Inc. of San Diego, California. Mr. Altschul holds a B.S. from Columbia University in Computer Science.

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