Corporate Governance

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance with financial accounting and reporting standards. Our company's Board of Directors provides independent leadership in carrying out its responsibilities. Our strong system of internal controls enables the management team to comply with corporate policies and applicable laws and regulations. Our code of conduct empowers each and every employee to conduct themselves responsibly with candor and integrity. 

We've worked very hard to put in place an innovative and influential corporate governance package. A detailed look at our Board, our articles, governance guidelines, committee structure and committee charters can be accessed by clicking on the links at the left. 

Nearly all directors are independent of the company and have no consulting or other business relationship with Valeant. The Board operates primarily through its committees, and all committees have been active and operate under approved committee charters. The Board has adopted and reviews on an on-going basis corporate governance guidelines for the company, which further strengthen Valeant's platform. In addition, the Board periodically rotates the committee members and chairmen. 

Valeant has implemented an active governance platform that includes such steps as the selection of a lead director, the ability of directors to schedule executive sessions without management attendance, and formal evaluations of both the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer.