U.S. Assistance Programs

Patient Programs

Valeant is dedicated to discovering and delivering new therapies to improve patient health. Whether it's by providing patients with health information related to our products, supporting medical and scientific educational programs, or making sure that those in need have access to our medicines, everything we do is motivated by a desire to make a difference in our patients' lives.

Patient Assistance Programs

Valeant has patient assistance programs that may help regardless of your age and you may qualify for free Valeant medicines. Please visit the Patient Assistance Programs page to find those programs that may best meet your needs.

Educational Grants and Investigator-Initiated Studies

Valeant is committed to improving the quality of life for patients and supporting the on-going medical and scientific education of healthcare professionals and customers. Accordingly, Valeant provides grants to support bona-fide educational programs. Please visit our educational grants and investigator-initiated studies page for more information.

Valeant's Enhanced Rebate Program

Information about Valeant's enhanced rebate program for Nitropress and Isuprel can be found here.